Insurance is your SeatBelt

14 05 2007

Can you completely avoid risk of all forms ?

If your answer is yes , then either you are GOD or a God Damm Liar !!

Everyday everyone of us has to expose ourselves to various kinds of risks. But not everytime we suffer loss or income gain from the risk. It is the evolution of our central nervous system and the all mighty Brain that allows us to decide whether or not to take the Risk. Willingly or unwillingly we take risks. While driving or travelling by a car we are exposed to the risk of an accident.We can neither avoid nor have any control over the occurance of an accident.But we can minimize the loss due to occurance of that event by simply wearing a seatbelt.Insurance works exactly in the same way for you !!
The seatbelt doesn’t prevent or minimize the probability of the occurance of the accident but it surely helps to reduce the impact of that unfortunate event.Now whether you would do the impact analysis with or without the seatbelt …is upto you.




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